Sun raha hai – Aashiqui 2 Guitar lesson with chords and tabs

This is definitely a great song to jam on guitar, here goes theAashiqui-2-songs-sun-raha-hai-tu-guitar -chords

chords and intro.

Note ::I have used  Capo on 3rd fret strum : D D UUDD

You can use capo on 2nd fret for original scale..everything with shift down by one fret.



Intro Tabs, (capo on 3rd means 3rs fret is open strings , so ‘0’->3 , 1-> 4 ,3->6 etc)


Here are the chords-

Am C D
Apne karam ki karadaayein
Am C D
Am C D
Am C D

Am                                  F
Mujhko hi raah dede, Kasme de waade de
G                                        Em             F
Meri duaaon ke isharon ko sahare de
Am                                   F
Dil ko thikaanein de, Naye bahaanein de
G                                              Em                F
Khawaabon ki barishon ko, Mausam ke paimane de
Am                                  D
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Am                                  D
Kar de idher bhi tu nigaahein
Am                              G
Sun raha hai na tu, Ro raha hu mai
F                               Dm                    C
Sun raha hai na tu, Ro raha hu mai

F               G                    Em                 C
Manzile ruswaa hain, Khoya hai raasta..
F                G                   Em                  C
aaye le jaaye itni si iltajaa..

Dm                         C

Ye meri zamanat hai
Dm                         C

Tu meri amaanat hai..

rest song follows same pattern!

Watch video below for exact timings to change chord!

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